“The sweet melody from the harp of Laurie Galster, match the sweetness
              of her spirit.   There is no question that when Laurie sits to play, peace fills
              the room, and overcomes the soul!"

              Thank you so much for your wonderful gift of music!  It meant so much
              having you play.  You really made our wedding beautiful!  I look forward
               to hearing you play again!

              Thank you!
              -Heather and Kevin
              Dear Laurie,

              Thank you for playing the harp for our daughter’s wedding!   It was so
              beautiful, and all the guests remarked how lovely it was and how it was
               extra special!   It was truly a memorable experience!   As a matter of fact,
               it was one of the highlights to the ceremony.   And now, we only wished we

               had you play more for her reception as well   We look forward to hearing

               you play again!!!

              Thanks so much!  


              -Jackie and Leigh Holmes

               “Laurie Galster has played her harp in my store many times during
               the Christmas Season and also for a book signing event.   My
               customers just loved it and loved her!   She is “very gifted”  and
               “sweet,”   and we loved having her here!”

               -Betty Clark 

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               “Our family was delighted at the beautiful way Laurie Galster set
               the tone for our son’s wedding in Flagstaff.    He and his bride
               relished the music, and Laurie’s whole demeanor.  I have recommended
               her to others and will continue to!”

              -Kitty and Paul
               Dear Friends:

               I would like to take a moment to relate the pleasant experience my
               wife and I had with Mrs. Laurie Galster, harp player extraordinaire.
               Toward the end of the year, my fiance' put me in charge of
               finding musical talent to play at our wedding. 

                After giving it some thought, I thought it would be a great idea,
                (and a romantic idea), to hire a professional harp player to play at
                our wedding.  With great fortune I came across Mrs. Galster and gave
                her a call.  She was very warm, inviting, and friendly at the
                inception.  However, Mrs Galster didn't know I had a "special
                request" up my sleeve. I wanted to have her play a few 70's songs on
                her harp. In particular, I wanted her to play "Time in a Bottle" by
                Jim Croce.

                I didn't know if this was going to be possible or not, but I asked
                anyway.  Mrs. Galster had me send her sheet music for the song, and
                next time we met, sure enough, she was playing the song. It was
                EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL the way she made the harp sing that song. When
                the wedding came, she pulled it off without a hitch.

                It is my sincere pleasure to reccomend the services of Mrs. Galster
                if you are looking for uniquely special and romantic music to liven
                up your next event, she was prompt in showing up, reasonably priced,
                and really entertained our guests from the feedback we received. 

                I would be happy to speak with anyone who has any questions about
                her services!

                Warm Regards,

                -Steve Vondran

                Dear Laurie,

                Thank you so very much for sharing your gift in harp music with us
                as we celebrated our wedding on March 17th.  You truly created a
                special and unique atmosphere that was a blessing to us and to our

                Your professionalism was much appreciated in both your playing and
                planning for our wedding - the music was exactly what we had hoped
                for.  It was such a comfort to not have to worry about the music
                portion of our planning as you had it under complete control after
                our discussions regarding song choices.  Your song suggestions were
                most helpful, and your wealth of knowledge in varieties of music
                pieces make it a joy to listen to!   We received many compliments on
                your playing after the ceremony, and our families fondly remember
                your contributions to the evening as well.

                I would recommend you to anyone who would like to add a special
                ambiance to their occasion... you certainly did for ours!

                Thank you again many times over!

                -Lesley and Ryan Peterson

                I can't thank you enough for your part in my parent's 50th  Anniversary.
                Your harp playing was beautiful...was a hit!...a great surprise for
                Mom and Dad! Everyone loved the harp music and thought it was a nice

               Thank you!

               -Gina Hardie


               Thank you for playing the beautiful harp music at our 50th wedding
               anniversary party.  As you know, the party was a complete surprise
               for us and to make the party perfect, you were there playing
               wonderful harp music!  As musicians, we can fully appreciate the
               dedication and effort required to enable you to play great music on
               your harp.  Your harp sings and reflects your personality and
               musical talents in a unique and melodic way.  Your song list seems
               to be endless and all are played with really beautiful harmonic and
               melodic content.  We would be very pleased to recommend your harp
               performance to anyone who wants to have good music for any

               -Howard & Colleen Brown


Psalm 33:2  "Praise the Lord with the harp."

Harpist, Laurie Galster

           The Gold Harp